Air Torque Pneumatic actuators


This is the result of the Air Torque SpA mission to offer always innovative products by combining the long field experience as market leader, the innovational spirit, the well-known reliability in actuators design and the high quality manufacturing level.
The new technical features developed and incorporated in this product line allow to have the best product versatility for an easier valve automation.
The design in fully compliance with all the international standards is also covered by international patents.
The 4th Generation Upgrade series offers the widest and most complete actuator range with huge options availability.
The 4th Generation Upgrade line counts a combination of:
17 different model sizes both in double acting and spring return
6 different protection levels
3 different working temperature executions  (from -55°C/-67°F up to +150°C/+302°F)
Multiple choice of ISO flange and drive shaft connection for each actuator size.
The -40°C lower temperature construction is offered as standard, as well as the nuts&bolts in stainless steel as a base.
With output torque up to 10.000Nm, Air Torque is the only manufacturer in the world offering the biggest rack and pinion actuator in aluminium.

DR/SC00010U up to 19,1 Nm  DRSC00010U-E
DR/SC00015U up to 26,6 Nm  DRSC00015U-E
DR/SC00030U up to 46,9 Nm  DRSC00030U-E
DR/SC00060U up to 93,1 Nm  DRSC00060U-E
DR/SC00100U up to 146 Nm  DRSC00100U-E
DR/SC00150U up to 213 Nm  DRSC00150U-E
DR/SC00220U up to 344 Nm  DRSC00220U-E
DR/SC00300U up to 443 Nm  DRSC00300U-E
DR/SC00450U up to 696 Nm  DRSC00450U-E
DR/SC00600U up to 908 Nm  DRSC00600U-E
DR/SC00900U up to 1225 Nm  DRSC00900U-E
DR/SC01200U up to 1702 Nm  DRSC01200U-E
DR/SC02000U up to 2859 Nm  DRSC02000U-E
DR/SC03000U up to 4150 Nm  DRSC03000U-E
DR/SC04000U up to 5744 Nm  DRSC04000U-E
DR/SC05000U up to 7207 Nm  DRSC05000U-E
DR/SC10000U up to 11674 Nm  DRSC10000U-E