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SAMSON — A name recognized worldwide as a synonym for high-quality work, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strength. The company is not only known for a complete product line in instrumentation and controls, but also offers the most modern integrated automation systems. The field of expertise extends from heating and air-conditioning technology to applications in the largest chemical plants. SAMSON operates wherever there is controlled flow of vapors, gases, liquids, chemicals… 

Self-operated RegulatorsTemperature RegulatorsPressure RegulatorsDifferential Pressure and Flow RegulatorsBoiler Regulators, Steam Traps, Air Vents, Strainers Image
Control Valves up to PN 40 (ANSI Class 300) and 450 °C (842 °F)Globe, Three-way and Angle Control Valves (Series 240)Globe and Three-way Control Valves (Series V2001)Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves and Rotary Plug ValvesActuators Image
Control Valves up to PN 400 (ANSI Class 2500) and 550 °C (1022 °F)Globe, Three-way and Angle Control Valves (Series 250 and 290)Steam Converters (Series 280)Actuators Image
Positioners, Limit Switches, AccessoriesPositionersLimit SwitchesSolenoid Valves and Accessories Image
Measuring and Control EquipmentPneumatic and Electronic ControllersTransmitters and Additional DevicesDifferential Pressure, Flow and Liquid Level Meters (Media) Image
Control Valves for HVAC SystemsElectric and Pneumatic Actuators for HVAC SystemsControl ValvesCombined Control Valves and Control Valves with Jet Pump Image
Controllers and Sensors for HVAC SystemsElectronic Controllers and Control Systems for HVAC SystemsSensors and Thermostats Image