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The FLOW-CONTROL-SYSTEMS GmbH is specialist for manufacturing hydraulic meters with ex-perience for many years. FLOW-CONTROL-SYSTEMS GmbH know-how comes from the experienced German company «Turbo Werk Messtechnik», a specialist for measurement engineering for 75 years. Is located in Kerpen, Germany. FLOW-CONTROL-SYSTEMS GmbH have creative power, experience and flexibility, which makes our flowmeters efficient and inexpensive.


Image Image Image
Variable area flowmeters
F VA 250
Flowmeter F I Gardex Flap flowmeter F I Intra / Prima
Image Image Image
Variable area meter F VA Minix Orifice flowmeter F O N4
Image   Image
Variable area meter F VA Trogflux   Orifice plate flowmeter
F O Turbo-Lux 2