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G. Bee designs, develops, manufactures and distributes ball valves, actuators and valve control products including manual ball valves and automated ball valve packages; actuators for the automation of industrial valves; positioners for precise modulating control; electrical solenoid valves for on/off control; limit switches for end of travel position indication; valve control accessories including gearboxes and overrides, lock-up valves, flow and speed control, dome indicators, filter, regulators, gas excess flow devices, thermal shut off valves, ball valves for drinking water installations, ball valves for gas installation and more.

Production of G.Bee:

Image  Threaded Ball Valves
Image  Flanged Ball Valves
Image  3-Way Ball Valves
Automated Ball Valve
Image  Thermally Released Shutoff Valves.

Gas Shut-Off — Safety Ball Valves

with integratedThermally Released

Shut Off Valve (TAS)

Image Gas Appliance Connection